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New houses in Prague 5 – standard equipment

Family residences in Prague 5 that are part of the Řeporyje in the Gardens project have been prepared in an attractive standard meeting the needs of the 21st century. The new family houses situated in Prague 5 are offered in the 5-room (“5+kk”) and 6-room (“6+kk”) categories. The equipment includes, among other features, double glazed plastic windows, premium insulation or a block paved driveway to your new house. If you are interested in a residence in Prague 5 before its completion, it is possible to change the standard individually upon agreement with the investor. So do not hesitate and contact us today, we can discuss possible adjustments together.

Foundations of our new houses:

  • compacted gravel sub-base foundation,
  • strip foundations of plain concrete or vibrated concrete blocks.

Horizontal construction of new family houses:

Horizontal construction of new family houses:

Composition and layout of ground floor structure:

  • compacted gravel bedding,
  • reinforced concrete foundation slab,
  • radon waterproofing,
  • thermal insulation of ground floor construction,
  • separation layer – film,
  • concrete floor.

Composition and layout of ground floor ceiling construction and attic floor:

  • oad-bearing ceiling construction,
  • impact sound insulation,
  • concrete floor.


  • lintels in load-bearing constructions supported by stronger reinforced concrete ring beam or standard lintels,
  • lintels in partitions: standard lintels.

Reinforced concrete ring beam:

Reinforced concrete ring beam:
  • concrete,
  • reinforcement,
  • thermal insulation from the outside of the reinforced concrete ring beam as part of facade insulation.

Vertical structures:

Vertical load-bearing perimeter walls:

  • Porotherm-type brick 24 P+D with facade polystyrene insulation (thickness: 150 mm).

Central load-bearing walls:

  • Porotherm-type brick 24 P+D.

Partition walls:

  • Porotherm-type brick 115 – 140 mm.


  • waterproofing – modified asphalt sheet or metal roofing,
  • thermal insulation – modular polystyrene sheets with “TOP” top bands (total thickness 240 mm) or mineral wool (240 mm),
  • moisture barrier: modified asphalt sheet or foil,
  • V13 underlay asphalt strip,
  • OSBs (thickness 12 mm),
  • lightweight truss construction – supporting structure of the roof covering,
  • suspended plasterboard ceiling.



  • White plastic, 5-chamber system, triple glazing with Ug = 1.2 W/m2.K.

Entrance doors:

  • Plastic entrance doors, double glazing, safety handle/white handle.

Surface finish:

Surface finish:
  • thin exterior plaster,
  • interior lime plaster.

Tin elements:

  • zinc-plated eave gutters and downspouts,
  • zinc-plated exterior window sills.

Technical equipment of buildings – pipings:

Technical equipment of buildings – pipings:

Water piping:

  • plastic, water supply with an outdoor tap to the garden.


  • PVC piping,
  • gas connection.


  • gas condensing boiler,
  • thermostat fitted in a living room,
  • heating pipes: copper,
  • board radiators.


  • cable wiring: copper,
  • “TANGO” sockets and switches: white,
  • outlet for a lighting fixture in each room according to the project documents,
  • plastic switchboard in the entrance hall,
  • roof lightning protection system,
  • TV antenna installation enabled in living room – piping leading to attic enabling connection and fitting of antenna or satellite,
  • intercom enabled in entrance hall – connection to entrance gate, exterior outlets on the facade facing garden and at the garage entrance for family houses.


  • gravel gutter pavement (400 mm wide),
  • access routes: block paving, tarmac road.


Woodplastic Palisandr max forest:

  • the appearance of an exotic tree, reinforced with irregular pigmentation,
  • high resistance to weather conditions (sun, rain, frost, snow),
  • high resistance to mechanical damage,
  • he does not change the shape or color throughout his life,
  • no etching or impregnation,
  • 100% recyclable material,
  • almost without maintenance - sometimes wash with water with a flow of water,
  • warranty up to 25 years.


  • Nylofor 3D galvanized fence panel 1200 mm.
  • The fence consists of a fence panel of 3D height 1200 mm on steel poles and a concrete slab 200 mm high. The total height of the fence is 1400 mm. Wicket door made of galvanized iron.
  • Fence panels (fence parts) refer to high-quality fencing types.
  • This is a durable and visually attractive type of fencing.

Garage gates on remote control:

Steel hinged door Hormann - BERRY in the color of the windows (anthracite / white) with remote control:

  • compactness,
  • high heat and sound insulation,
  • reliable protection,
  • modern design,
  • comfort and convenience,
  • reliability and durability.

The images are used for illustrative purposes only.

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